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The Rise of Luxury Retirement Villages

Retirement often conjures images of grandparents staring glassy-eyed at daytime telly, their homes growing into disrepair as they get older and can’t maintain them as well. This is quickly becoming outdated as more and more older people clamour for retirement, choosing to spend it in luxury retirement villages based in beautiful locations.

You can choose from cottages, apartments or bungalows all designed to meet the specific needs of the residents. Digitisation has been a key factor in the evolution of retirement living, as more older people become more tech-savvy, they can now research their choices online from which retirement village they want to move into (there are some lovely retirement villages in Devon) to how they want to decorate. The relics of home improvement banished – including the green and brown bathroom suites, honestly who thought that was a good idea? Luxury retirement living looks inviting, boasting open-plan living spaces perfect for socialising and hosting. Bathrooms that wouldn’t be out of place in five-star hotels and bedrooms straight from the pages of a Laura Ashley catalogue. All equipped with everything a person would need, especially as they get older and mobility can become an issue etc.

Retirement villages boast a variety of resident-led activities for villagers to get involved with, which typically include fitness classes, film nights and day trips. The success of these types of events clearly demonstrates the desire to be a part of a like-minded community as opposed to a lone standing retirement property. One of the biggest downsides of retirement is loneliness, a community in that respect is very important. Life expectancy is increasing as is the continued lust for life in the elderly which makes these retirement villages a necessity. Retirement villages place emphasis on providing an active lifestyle with like-minded people in a safe and secure setting.

The luxury retirement concept itself continues to evolve with the needs of the ageing population. Building homes to exceptionally high specifications, building open-plan spaces into the foundation of the properties to make the properties more accessible even for wheelchair users. Appliances inserted at certain heights to reduce accidents in everyday life. Elements such as alarm buttons and round the clock on-site care provide not only residents but families with peace of mind. Residents are encouraged to keep their independence whilst enjoying the reassurance of on-site care services.

Retirement villages have so much more to offer than simply bricks and mortar. Each village has different facilities to keep the loneliness at bay and foster the community atmosphere, from activities to communal spaces such as a dining area, bar, lounge and library. Outside there is also the opportunity to roam around the gardens and grounds without any of the concern for maintenance. Consider a retirement village to give you a new lease for life in your twilight years, spend them enjoying yourself, why not?

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